Regarding the recent downtime

  • February 1, 2022 by Ned J.

Hello All,

Recently we had a downtime lasting 5 hours and 49 minutes, This puts as at a 99.147% uptime since the launch of our Nikola server, This is still a number we're not happy with and will work back towards 99.9%.

The downtime affected our Billing Portal & Websites hosted on Nikola, End Users & VPS Clients remained up and accessible but their control panels were unavailable.

We'll be adding additional time to everyone affected and billing dates pushed back, If you have any further issues please don't hesitate in opening a ticket.

What happened & How can we guarantee it won't happen again?
DNS servers NS1 & NS2 were hit by a DDoS attack, It was intermitted and ended up causing issues on the servers, We were under the impression those two servers were protected to the full extent as our main Nodes are but later learned they were not - We raised the issue with our provider and have organised for this to be rectified.

Going forward both of those servers have been properly secured and protected, An internal email will be sent with new IP addresses for those who wish to update to our CDN, It's slightly lower performing in certain countries but is global and the uptime should be more consistent.