PixelHost December Service Update

  • November 30, 2022 by Ned J.


Today we are starting to schedule some major updates and changes for the new year.

As of the December 10th (10/12/2022), all new sales will be paused, customers with unredeemed coupons or wishing to renew existing services will still have the ability to do so but we will not be selling any new Hosting Plans, Domain names, or adjacent services until work has concluded.

Things that will be intermittently unavailable during this time period are below.
PixelHost Billing Panel [https://my.pixelhost.io/]

PixelHost Main Website [https://pixelhost.io/]

PixelHost Live Chat [Customerly will be unavailable, Additional coverage of our support email will be provided]

PixelHost Knowledgebase/FAQ/Self-Service help

Hosting services and control panel access will not be impacted, and you will be able to manage your plans as usual, However billing services and the above mentioned will be randomly unavailable as work is carried out.

Planned Updates over this time period:

- New Billing Panel, which will be available at https://billing.pixelhost.io, to replace the existing one

- New Domains Sales and Service, This will be separate from our hosting, and all existing clients will be migrated across

- New Cloud Web Hosting Offering, This will be adjacent to our current shared offering and will be considered a tier-up and feature additional locations, more info and pricing to come

- Reseller Hosting will be released, More info and pricing to come

- Existing clients will be able to upgrade for a monthly fee to take advantage of the new offerings, without losing their plan if they wish to downgrade down the line, Once pricing and more information is available you will be made aware

I would like to thank all of you for making these changes possible, and wish you all a very happy holiday period!

PixelHost Team